Mailbox, The Best Gmail App We’ve Seen For iOS, Now Available To Everyone

Mailbox, The Best Gmail App We’ve Seen For iOS, Now Available To Everyone

iOS: Previously waiting-list only, the hugely popular Gmail app for iPhone is now open to everyone. Mailbox makes getting to inbox zero easy, thanks to its easy gestures for managing your inbox and the ability to turn your emails into to-do lists.

New in version 1.2.0 are faster swipes, smarter snoozes and UI improvements. If you’re been patiently on the reservation system, the wait is over.

Head to the iTunes App Store to download Mailbox and “put email in its place” on your device.

Mailbox [iTunes App Store via GigaOm]


  • Mailbox is quite possibly the most overrated app I’ve witnessed. After waiting in the queue for almost a week, I was severely disappointed by what the app has to offer. Okay, its nice looking and everything can be swiped but where does the functionality differ from the Gmail app? Plus its only compatible with Gmail at the moment. I think its the hype and overrated-ness of the app that makes it attractive as opposed to its not-present extremely useful features.

    This is just from my experience with the app and others may have differing opinions.

    • Agreed. It looks nice but so much functionality is missing! Like the ability to add to custom folders and even getting into your drafts or sent mail! Come on I no it’s minimalist but please add these features for those who use email to its potential.

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