iiNet Introduces NBN Business Bundles

Internet service provider iiNet has announced a new range of NBN business plans bundled with local and national calls. Prices start at $79.95 per month.

Based on customer feedback, the new plans were developed with a focus on simplicity and predictability of spend, according to the company.

“The sooner business connects to the NBN, the quicker they can benefit from the increased bandwidth of their high speed connection," iiNet Chief Greg Bader said.

"This means they can provide faster response times to their customers, and enjoy the improved reliability that NBN offers over traditional copper based solutions."

iiNet’s NBN business bundles start from $79.95 per month for minimum download speeds of 25Mbps. The most expensive option comes in at $154.95 per month with speeds of 100Mbps All plans come with a Netphone 2 VoIP phone which includes all local and standard national calls.

There are no extra usage charges for exceeding your quota allowance — instead, connection speed reverts to 512Kbps for uploads and downloads for the remainder of the billing month.

You can get a full list of bundled NBN business plans at iiNet's website.


    “This [high speed connection] means they can provide faster response times to their customers..."

    Not sure how he arrived at that particular conclusion... Response times have never been dependent on connection speed, in my experience.

    Last edited 13/02/13 1:47 pm

      If the business has their data on a remote server, they can get access to their data faster and hence respond to their customers faster.

        The difference in speed from ADSL 2+ to the NBN is negligible when it comes to that kind of operation.

          Unless you can't get ADSL2+, or can but your so far away you get maybe 3.5mbps on a good day.

          When i was IT manager at an accounting firm, having moved them from dial up to adsl when it first became available and then to adsl2 when that was available. We only had 20 people in the office, but times it slowed to a crawl, especially when I needed to download a few large updates urgently.

          Or as zandY says if you cant get ADSL2+ or its a poor connection (or in my case, it goes up and down like a freakin yoyo).

    Awesome ill take 2 in 10 years when it finally gets to me. At least 80% of my clients would swap over if they could get it too so hopefully the ramp up we hear about isn't too far off.

    These are 25/10Mbps as well, compared to the normal 25/5 plans which are available for residential.

    Free uploads on a 25/10 plan is pretty awesome.

    I wonder if the NBN is popular with BNBs?

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