IE10 For Windows 7 Officially Released

Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 was officially released by Microsoft this morning. The updated version will land soon on any Windows machine set for automatic updates, unless you've taken the unusual step of disabling it using the deployment blocker.

While the simple absence of keyword bookmarks means IE10 is never going to be my browser of choice, it's good to see Microsoft enforcing upgrades for the large percentage of users who do run it. For developers, the main implication is the need to upgrade .NET 4 sites to .NET 4.5.


    Is this the update called the "Platform Update" that I was asked to install this morning?
    The platform update messed up the text in some web pages I browsed using Firefox 18
    this morning (although the looked OK in IE). The text looked thicker, blurry, and black
    text displayed as multi-coloured. So I backed it out.

    The big feature: IE finally has a built-in spellcheck option. I'm looking forward to pushing the update, but that hinges on when MS releases IE10 support for some of their other products.

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