How To Unlock The Strategic Potential Of Big Data For Your Organisation

How To Unlock The Strategic Potential Of Big Data For Your Organisation

Savvy IT teams are capturing unprecedented levels of business data. Yet to truly gain competitive advantage, you need to mine all this information for real, actionable insights. Microsoft is inviting Lifehacker readers to join a free webcast on February 19, hosted by two of its most senior Big Data gurus: Jack Tang and Ron Dunn. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about Microsoft’s vision for Big Data, and ask your own questions about the implications and options for your own company.

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Register Free: Big Data, Deep Insights.

A Microsoft Webcast: February 19, 2013. 2PM AEDT

Improve The Way Business Decisions Are Made

The virtual event will feature product demos that showcase innovations around the way data is accessed, processed, viewed and analysed.

Microsoft customers will also share the clever ways they’re tapping into Microsoft Big Data solutions as a key differentiator. From real-time Business Intelligence tools to taking advantage of SQL Server 2012, Microsoft can help you tap into the intelligence locked within your structured and unstructured data.

Making the best use of your data can be a strategic challenge. Stay up to speed on all the options available to your executive team.

And remember: you’ll have the option to ask your own questions to the Microsoft speakers throughout the presentation via text.

This webcast is not to be missed.

Register Free: Big Data, Deep Insights.

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