Microsoft Analytics Platform System Is ‘Big Data In A Box’

Microsoft Analytics Platform System Is ‘Big Data In A Box’

Microsoft’s Analytics Platform System — a combination of its recently-released SQL Server 2014 platform with Hadoop and Power BI Excel-based tools for drilling into large data sets — went into general availability today.

Microsoft officially announced the new service in a blog post:

Today we announced that our Analytics Platform System is generally available — this is the evolution of the Parallel Data Warehouse product that now supports the ability to query across the traditional relational data warehouse and data stored in a Hadoop region — either in the appliance or in a separate Hadoop cluster. SQL Server has seamless integration with VMs in Azure to provide secondaries for high availability and disaster recovery. The data people access in the business intelligence experience comes through Excel from their own data and partner data — and Power BI provides accessibility to wherever the data resides.

Pricing wasn’t immediately announced; we’ll update this post when we hear anything.

The data platform for a new era [SQL Server Blog]

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