Clip Your Cables Almost Anywhere With Suction Cups

There's no shortage of cable management options out there, but sometimes you need to think outside the box to keep them neat, tidy and accessible. When you want some flexibility with your cables, a suction cup is your best friend.

Instructables user openproducts explains how easy it is:

Based on an existing suction cup the easy cable clip is very easy to make, without any special skills or tools: two cuts with a simple knife is all it takes to upgrade a suction cup into an 'easy cable clip sucker version.'

Suction cups naturally have a little nub on top. You just make your clip there and stick your cable inside. Then you can attach it to a wall or other surface with ease. For more information and in-depth instructions, hit up the full post over at Instructables.

Easy cable clip - sucker version [Instructables]


    search ebay for aquarium suction cup and you'll have a ready made cable manager. $1 for 10 ... works a treat.

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