Briefly: Pay Telstra Bills With PayPal, Samsung Wallet Plans

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including paying Telstra bills with PayPal and Samsung's move into the virtual wallet/ticketing space.

  • Telstra is now offering the ability for customers to pay their bills via PayPal. Not something I suspect most of us will use but it's always nice to have choices.
  • Samsung is planning its own wallet-style app for managing tickets and passes (shades of Apple Passbook there). No official launch date yet, but developer tools will be generally available in May following a beta beginning on March 7.
  • Finally, our night editor Elly's writeup of the VFX crisis at Gizmodo is a great read that's well worth your time.


    Am I correct in thinking that this is a way to avoid credit card fees? No fees attached to paying by PayPal.
    PayPal linked to credit card, therefore no fees. Or am I missing something?

      I believe you are correct - no fees.
      The linked Telstra page states "And best of all, there’s no payment fee for using PayPal."

      Yep, no fees. This is a nice little saving for anyone who prefers to pay manually. I suspect a lot of people will use once that becomes known!

        I pay manually with bpay. No fees.

        There have been fee free payment options for as long as I can remember.

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