Why Buying Unclassified Second-Hand Games Is A Bad Idea

Australia now has a legal R18+ rating, but no games have yet received that classification. But does that mean that second-hand stores can sell copies of games refused classification in the past? The legal answer would appear to be 'no', but that doesn't stop it from happening. Check out Alex's report at Kotaku for an examination of this still-murky area of classifications law (and some advice on why not buying these games is probably a wise idea). [Kotaku]


    Civil disobedience is always a good idea. I'm an adult. If I want to play Manhunt I damn well will and there isn't a thing the god damn government can do to stop me.

    Hope the thought police doesn't bust down my door for my illegal English copy of GTA IV!

    Because, you know, this kind of legal issue is really enforceable.

    It's not illegal to possess unclassified material in most states.

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