What Was Your First Computer?

We all remember our first computer; for some of us, it turned out to be a very important turning point. What was your first machine?

Chances are you don't know too many people who don't own a computer these days.But no matter how ubiquitous the tech becomes, we're sure you remember where it all began for you. Whether you started with punchcards, bashed out your first programs in BASIC, had a PC with no USB ports or cut your teeth on a shiny new ultrabook, we want to know — what was your first computer? Share your memories in the comments below.


    1988 - Amstrad
    You think your computer is sometimes running a little slow now - believe me, you have nothing to complain about.

      Snap, for year and make. I loved my Amstrad.

    THIS! :) Headstart LX CD-Rom

    I was the first on the block with a CD-Rom Caddy Drive and 14mhz Turbo Speed! :)
    It did not run windows 3.11 but hey, it had a Vendex shell. If you had a Dos 5.1 disk
    you could just about play wolf3d and commander keen

      Nice to see ppl posting their computer timeline too.

      For me it was. Headstart LX Cd Rom (088-68), Then a Pentium 1 (90mhz), later upgraded the 1GB HD to a whopping 8 GB! I also installed a jazz drive in it haha. Jazz... 1GB of tape data.
      Then moved to a Pentium III 500mhz. That was a bad buy because just a few months later they started coming out with better Hyper-threading chips. The last PC ran windows 98, up until about 2007 (used by my mother) then it became so unsupported, we bought her a brand spanking new Core5. :) Aww...

      In the meantime I switched to AMD lol. And am now happely sitting on 8 cores.

    We had ours in 1997. Acer, Pentium 100.
    All I could remember about it was that it ran everything from AFL 98, to Quake, to Where's Wally? At The Circus.
    Good times.

    Vic-20, then Commodore 64, then Amiga

      A man after my own heart - same as me.
      Most people here are talking about the old Amstrad systems - I used to sell those as a weekend job - mainly the CPC 464 if my memory serves me correctly ;)

      C64 for 1982 Christmas @ $800, +$900 for the Floppy Drive!

      At the time I was not happy since my best mate had a VIC-20 and nobody knew what a C64 was. But my bigger problem was I had to wait 2-Years! before any of my mates had a floppy drive so we could swap games, Dad said he wouldn't waste his money on one of those crappy tape drives - in retrospect a very wise man.

      I then went though a similar "problem" years later with an Amiga 2000.

        I had to wait 2-Years! before any of my mates had a floppy drive so we could swap games - that's right, peer-to-peer sharing is nothing new! Although that was with our Amiga. I didn't even know you could get a floppy drive for the C64.

      Dad got the family a Commodore 64 for Christmas in 1983.
      Got much use out of that and then got an Amiga 500, which I used up until my second year of uni - then I got a PC - 386dx40 - remember playing with Linux 0.98 on that thing despite not having enough memory to compile a kernel (only had 4MB ram) and my mate with 8MB ram had to build one for me!

      I had the C64 but with Cartriges only. Then UPGRADED to tape. Finally a Floppy wow I has flying with 5 1/4 inc floppy. Who could need more

    A second-hand Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer with cassette drive (no floppy drive for me) we were given in 1984. Only had around 6 games (2 on cartridges, YAY no loading time). I did learn to program BASIC with it. It looked like this:

      Same here. I think we got ours a little earlier, around '82-'83.

    I had pretty much every Spectrum. ZX, ZX+, ZX+2 (inbuilt tape drive) and the ZX+3 (inbuilt 3" floppy drive). I still miss the sound the tapes made when loading :-)

      +1, ZX+ with the external tape drive, used to love writing games for it out of magazines from the UK.

    Yay Amstrad! First computer I programmed was the school Apple II, but the first one we had at home was the Amstrad CPC 6128. I still have all the 3-inch floppies stored away.

    386sx with a 9k modem.
    Brilliant little machine, To send a email you had to log on to the BBS and type out the Email them it was sent to a computer with in the BBS that was connected to the internet to send it out for you when they logged on. Wish i knew the difference between the sx and dx chip set when Duke 3D come out.

    A 486DX with sound blaster and CD-Rom sometime in the mid 90's. My mum bought it to help us with school work, but we didn't know anyone who knew anything about computers, so I had to work things out on my own. I pretty much hash up my current problem solving skills to this computer and all the lego I got as a kid.

    486 SX33 (15Mhz, 33Mhz Turbo), 4MB Ram, 210MB HDD, 1x External SCSI NEC CD-ROM Drive, 1x 5.25 Disk Drive and 1x 3.5 Disk Drive, Dos 6.22 and Windows 3.11. Cost Dad about $4000 at the time and ran like a dream. Took 2 hours to install windows from 11 floppy disks.

    First computer I owned was a Commodore 64, then Amiga 500+, then various grey boxes that I built with PC guts.

    microbee, all oz built, first with battery backup. full open source OS.
    used by BMW, QANTAS. it was the best. i miss you!!!

    Commodore 128D
    But I just used it as a C64 really.

      128D here too! =D Like you, it was mostly just a C64 for me, but I learned to program in BASIC and in C64 mode you needed to do some complicated PEEK and POKE commands to do some simple things, whereas 128D mode had a way better set of BASIC commands. At age 8, it was an ideal machine for me to teach myself about programming.

    a Microbee in the late 80s, hooked up to a teeny tiny B&W television

    Sharp mz700, around 1980, system held on casette tape. Remember having my first bash at basic!! Makes me feel nostalgic, but also very old!!

    first PC: Amstrad PC-1512
    first Mac: Classic II

    Guess I'm getting old; ZX81 (which was borrowed from my dad's work - came free with the photocopier). Then mum bought me a ZX Spectrum 48k one wonderful Christmas.

      Yep, ZX81, then a C64, both with tape drives. I remember hours of entering programmes in Basic, printed in magazines.

    Dick Smith VZ300, followed by a Commodore 64.

    At work it was a PC-XT (ie with a lumbering 10MB external hard drive) running Lotus 1-2-3 and not much else. Before that it was all VAX terminals at uni, including some that had no CRTs, only paper.

    The first I had at home was a slightly used Compaq 386 circa 1987. I was thinking about it only a few days and shuddering at what it cost in today's money.

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    IBM 486SX 33mhz (not the DX with the math co-processor), 4mb of ram, 256mb hard drive, dual floppy (3.5 & 5.25), 2400 baud modem, no sound card, no optical drive.

    I did many upgrades to this computer, added a 4x cd-rom, bumped up the ram to 16mb, put a 1GB hard drive in it, got a SoundBlaster Value sound card, and the pièce de résistance... An Intel Pentium 83mhz OVERDRIVE upgrade processor.

    TRS-80 colour computer!

    486SX - 33Mhz
    4MB Ram
    200MB Hard Drive
    Sound Blaster sound card
    4x CD-Rom which plugged into an IDE port on the sound blaster card
    Windows 3.11
    I also think it had an 8MB graphics card in it.

    I thought it was amazing when we got it (late '93 if i recall right). And for the time, I suppose it was.

    It's crazy how much things have changed

    Apple IIe (not sure exactly when, but certainly from a very young age), followed by a Macintosh Classic II.

    I had one of these...behold the Apricot PC!


    Dual double-density 3.5 inch disk drives! High resolution monochrome green/black monitor! No hard drive! 16KB of RAM!

    It was actually pretty awesome for its time.

    My first IBM compatible PC was like many others here, an Amstrad. I can't remember the exact model, I think it was a PC5386SX but I'm not 100% sure. All I can really remember about it was that it had a 386DX CPU and 2 MB of RAM. We later added an extra 2 MB of RAM, a Sound Blaster card and a Double speed CD-ROM drive.

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      Damn I remember those things! lol

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