What Was Your Biggest Accomplishment Of 2012?

With 2013 in full swing, many of us are looking back on the year just passed. We want to know: what was your biggest accomplishment of 2012?

Photo by Rahim Sonawalla

Everyone's idea of a big accomplishment will vary, but whether you finally built that home server, or you negotiated a $30,000 raise, we're sure you've done something amazing this year. So, let's hear about your biggest accomplishment from the year, and how you managed to pull it off.


    I climbed to Everest Base Camp

    Coming out to some of family members and mates. Makes a huge difference!

    The edit and reply buttons don't work. And also breaking the silence of no longer following islam. Thanks to here, Gizmodo and Kotaku and of course you guys:)!

    I got employed as a Journo before I finished my degree. A combination of hard work and sheer luck really. Now to somehow top that in 2013...

    Was finally offered a full time position after being a contractor for years.

    Finished medical school, lifelong goal.

    After working in Tech Support for 10 Years I got a Job as a Web Developer...

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