Telstra 4G Roaming To Hong Kong Lets You Waste Money On The Road Faster

Telstra 4G Roaming To Hong Kong Lets You Waste Money On The Road Faster

Telstra has signed a 4G roaming agreement with Hong Kong CSL, meaning that if you have a 4G phone you can use the faster network when roaming in Hong Kong. That might sound tempting, but with Telstra’s extremely high charges for global roaming it amounts to little more than a faster way to waste money.

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It’s the first 4G roaming agreement signed by an Australian carrier, and we’d expect there to be more in the future. However, the sting is that you still have to pay Telstra’s ultra-high roaming rates: $15.36 per MB, plus a 50 cent connection fee per session. You can save a little money by purchasing a roaming pack, but it remains a ridiculously costly option.

Our advice for travelling overseas and reducing roaming costs for data remains the same as always: use Wi-Fi whenever possible, and get a local prepaid SIM if you’re on an extended visit. (Optus’ is also worth considering if you’re an Optus customer, though the setup is a little fiddly.)


  • This costs $46 a second, if we assume an average download speed of 30mbps.

    You can literally download a house in 2 hours (ie spend $331,000). 1 hour at higher speeds.

    BTW what’s this extended stay business? I get a unlimited prepaid even if i’m just there for a week. Spending $30-50 AU so you can have internet whereever you like is not expensive if you’ve just dropped $2,000+ on your hoilday.

  • And Telstra own the company, so really there is no excuse that they have to pay the other operator the high fees, it is the same damn company. And CSL roams onto Optus when in Australia, work that one out.

    • Telstra are majority shareholders, not the owner. I’m pretty sure they still have to pay for data from Hong Kong back to Australia as well…though I agree it should not be that expensive.

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