Sub-$10 Bushfire Charity Donations Don't Need Receipts

Following devastating bushfires in many parts of Australia this week, you're likely to run into bucket collectors for bushfire relief charities over the next few days. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) reminds us that if your donation is under $10, you don't need a receipt to claim it as a tax deduction when tax time comes around.

Picture by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

If you're regularly in the habit of making bucket donations, keep a list on your smartphone so you'll remember the donations you have made come tax time. The bushfire danger period is far from over; check out our guide to web sites and resources to keep track of what's happening in your area.



    Has the ruling actually changed or are they just brining general awareness to it? As far as I was aware this was limited to $10 in total for the year, not per donation - but the media release isn't that clear.

      Surely it's total for the year? What's to stop me from claiming $10,000 in donations, 1,000 x $10 donations?

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