ATO Updates Heaps Of Occupation Guides

ATO Updates Heaps Of Occupation Guides

Just in time for the end of the financial year, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has updated many of its occupation guides, making it easy to work out what particular deductions you’re entitled to when submitting your annual tax return. Everyone needs to be careful when filling out their return, but as we’ve noted before, IT professionals, plumbers and defence force workers need to be especially vigilant, since they’re being singled out by the ATO for double-checking this year.

Picture by Jack Zalium

Here’s the full updated list:

We’ve also updated the list of occupation guides in our earlier post looking at how to maximise your deductions.

Note that the occupation guides focus on items specific to your job, and not on more general deductions such as charity donations. While a large proportion of Australians use a tax agent or accountant to submit their return, it makes sense to know the rules that apply to your specific job.

If you’re planning on using e-tax, that software was released yesterday. Check out our Tax Week 2012 coverage for updates on what’s new this year, how to organise your tax, salary sacrifice issues and much more.


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