How To Quickly Peel Peaches And Tomatoes

There's lots of goodness in the skin of fruits and vegetables, but some recipes call for taking the skin off and that can be fiddly with peaches and tomatoes. This time-honoured trick will do the job easily: blanch your fruit in boiling water, then dunk it in iced water and peel the skin right off with your fingers.

Saveur Magazine has a great tutorial on the technique. Boil some water and make a small cross cut in the base of the peaches or tomatoes before dropping them gently in. Take the fruit out after a couple of minutes and drop it immediately into a bowl full of iced water. The water stops the cooking process, and when the fruit is cool enough to touch, you can pull the skin right off. You can use a knife (as seen in the video above), but in many cases you'll be able to peel the fruit simply with your fingers.

How to Quickly Peel Peaches and Tomatoes [Saveur]


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