Fiskars Softouch Are Scissors 2.0

Fiskars Softouch Are Scissors 2.0

Like buttons, you probably don’t think of scissors as something that needs an upgrade. However, Fiskars Softouch Spring Action Scissors manage to solve a number of problems you’ve likely ignored over the years and just make your cutting needs a lot easier.

Using a pair of scissors requires an imprecise motion of your hand, making it more difficult to cut in a straight line. Additionally, scissors are often designed for right-handed people and you have to get a special pair for lefties. Scissors that don’t favour either hand are just uncomfortable for everyone. The Fiskars Softouch Scissors solve these problems by offering a comfortable grip regardless of your dominant hand, plus they use a spring-loaded mechanism that only requires you to squeeze down to cut. The scissors will force themselves back up afterwards, making it easier to get a smoother, cleaner cut with less work. Fiskars also built in a safety latch so you can keep the blades locked together when not in use.

While using these special scissors takes a little adjustment, as they feel strange initially, they work much better than a normal pair. I’ve been using them for over a year now and much prefer them to the standard type. I still use normal scissors for some things, as they’re significantly cheaper, but I keep a pair of Fiskars Softouch around for when I need to cut something out of paper, cut fabric and any other jobs that require precision. If your scissors don’t do anything important, these aren’t for you. If you could use a nice pair that cuts better than most, be sure to check them out.

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      • No, I think I see where he’s coming from.
        To make an accurate cut, you need to look at the inside of the outside blade (for right-handed people, that’s the left facing side of the right-most blade), so you can see the point where the two blades of the scissors come together. If you were to hold these in your left hand, the inside of the outside blade would be beneath, and therefore concealed by, whatever it is you’re trying to cut making it far more difficult to accurately judge where the scissors are actually cutting.

        • Exactly A. The blades are effectively upside down for left handers. I have struggled for years to explain this to right handed people. I find it easiest to hand them my left handed scissors and ask them to cut something… then they get it but I can’t do that on a forum.

          • You’re correct about the handedness of manual scissors, but wrong in this case. The reason there’s a problem from left-hand to right-hand scissors is because using scissors of the wrong handedness pushes the blades APART, rather than together.

            These scissors appear to avoid the problem by forcing you into a purely linear gripping motion. There should be no issue of the user’s handedness.

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