KUM Pencut Is A Travel Pair Of Scissors

Scissors are one of those things that you only seem to need when you don't have any around — like when you're travelling, or in your car. The KUM Pencut is a pair of scissors in a pen-sized sheath, so you can have them on hand without risking a hole in your backpack (or worse).

We wouldn't recommend trying to get these through airport security, of course, but they can be pretty handy when you're out of the house and need to cut the tag off those new pants, save your unravelling jumper and so on. They fold up into a sheath designed to look like a pen, that snaps on so they won't break free while bouncing around in your backpack.

Of course, as safe as they are, they're only as safe as the person using them. Remember: cut away from yourself. Hit the link below to see more, or head over to JetPens to buy your own pair. The KUM Pencut retails for $US15.

KUM Pencut [via Cool Tools]


    KUM scissors....really..?? What, for those times when, you know, you need something to cut it with....!!

    I have the green version of the pencut. Really nifty scissors and they fit any place a pen would

    I'd much rather have a small swiss army knife. Scissors. knife, file,and tweezers for only a few extra dollars and it can go on your keyring.

    Until you get done for carrying a weapon.

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