Carbon Backs Up Your Android Apps And Syncs Them With Other Devices

Android: Carbon is a new app that makes it easy to back up and restore all your apps and their data. Developed by Koushik "Koush" Dutta (of ClockworkMod fame and more), Carbon also syncs apps between phones.

The video above shows this app in action. By logging you into your Google Drive account, Carbon can connect you to other devices using the same account, and, thus, keep app data in sync between them. This could come in really handy if you have both an Android phone and tablet.

Carbon also backs up your selected apps to an SD card, Google Drive or a connected PC. (Dropbox is currently not available in the beta release, but it's coming).

The beta will last for one week. The final version will not require root, which might make it a good alternative to our favourite Android backup app Titanium.

My new app - Carbon (beta download below) [Koushik Dutta (Koush) on Google+ via ITworld and Android Police]


    Good concept, but needs work. As I was adding apps to list to be backed up, I ran out of room to select remaining apps (screen taken up with already selected apps). Select boxes would overcome problem. Samsung Galaxy I9100

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