Boot UI Tuner Customises Windows 8 Boot Menu Options

Boot UI Tuner Customises Windows 8 Boot Menu Options

Windows 8 has a new bootloader with a graphic interface and troubleshooting options. However, it’s harder now to quickly get to advanced options or load a different OS. Boot UI Tuner solves this problem, allowing you to configure your boot options and tweak the bootloader.

This free portable utility enables you to very quickly and easily tweak Windows 8’s boot screen and options at startup. Just check off the options you want and the changes will take effect when you restart.

You can also disable the Windows logo, loading circle and messages, which could potentially speed up your start time.

Boot UI Tuner [Winaero via Tweaking with Vishal]


  • I reverted to Windows 7 last night after giving 8 a fair chance. To me it just seemed like I was endlessly applying patches and third party programs to do the most basic things. My OS is a tool, not a game. When you can’t even shut down without contortions something’s broken.

    • I haven’t got anything installed on Windows 8 I wouldn’t have installed anyway, and don’t seem to be missing anything I need. What third-party programs are you using to add missing functionality?

      • I’m the same, I’ve been using Windows 8 since launch day and have yet to install any applications to restore lost functionality. I use the Start Screen rather than the Start Menu, but that is in all honesty to me, a very minor change. It’s really just a pretty Start Menu :\

  • I haven’t had any issues with 8 constantly patching, but then I have it set to automatically update itself so it all happens without me seeing it. Also, what are those basic things that you need to use third party software for? I admit I had issues with the lack of a start menu at first but “Start8” fixed that. Just curious is all. 🙂

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