Acer Will Recycle Your PC, But Not Quite For Free

Acer Will Recycle Your PC, But Not Quite For Free

Acer has launched a “Recycle & Reward” scheme under which you can send in any brand of notebook, netbook, desktop or tablet to it for recycling, and you’ll score a $120 voucher in return. Admirable in theory — but it’s worth reading the fine print.

The amount of e-waste that ends up in landfill is truly shocking, and it's to Acer's credit that it is actively doing something about it, although it's not an entirely altruistic event. There's a certain value in the components within a PC or tablet that you'd be surrendering in any case, and registration for the program costs $15. You can only send back one device; it can't be a broken LCD and the $120 voucher is only good for Acer's online store with no other discounts applied.

Acer says its aim is to hit 1 million kilograms of e-waste recycled over the last year, stating that this is equal to the weight of around 30 per cent of the products it imports into Australia this year. By 2023 it hopes to hit 80 per cent.

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