Google Search Notifies You Of The Status Of Your Upcoming Flights

Google has had detailed flight information for awhile, but its new integration with Gmail means its flight information has become much more personalised. Just type my flights into Google and you'll see all your upcoming flights with detailed information.

Google hinted at this when it first launched its Gmail integration, and it looks like it's actually been active for awhile. Google will even send you notifications when you have an upcoming trip in the upper right-corner of the window. I couldn't test this myself, since I don't have any upcoming flight confirmations in my email, but you can see a screenshot of the feature above from Google Operating System.

It still isn't quite as detailed as something like TripIt, but it's insanely quick and available right from Google, which we like a lot. Hit the link to read more.

Google Shows Flight Notifications [Google Operating System]


    It's pretty good but from what I saw yesterday it was about 10 or so minutes off, the plane landed at 8:10am-8:15am and Google was showing 8:23am arrival.

    Last edited 01/12/12 9:58 am

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