Google Adds New Flight Schedule Search Features

Google has added flight schedule and airport destinations to its search results, with an emphasis on non-stop routes.You can quickly get a rundown of which airlines have non-stop flights between two destinations. Googling "flights from sydney to melbourne", for example, results in a brief summary at the top of the results page with the number of non-stop flights per day, how long the flight is, and which airlines service that route. Expand the linked schedule and you'll get a full table of upcoming flights.

Google has also added a way to see all the destinations with non-stop flights from your airport. Searching for "flights from brisbane" you'll get a list of places you can visit non-stop from your local airport. So if you have wanderlust and want to know where to go for a quick getaway this winter, Google's got your back.

Plan your next trip with the new flight schedule feature [Google Inside Search Blog]


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