From The Tips Box: Gmail Labels, AA Batteries

Lifehacker readers offer their best tips for getting notifications for specific Gmail labels, making use of "dead" batteries and making your word processor easier to read.

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Get Label-Specific Notifications for Gmail in Firefox

JoeErt discovers a useful new Firefox extension:

I've been wanting to get desktop notifications for labels other than inbox in Gmail, and I recently found a new Firefox add-on that can do this! It's called Gmail Notifier Restartless. After installing the extension you need to go to options page. There is a box named Gmail Feeds, to which you can append this string at the end of the box:

The label is the name of your label for which you want notifications.

Keep "Dead" AA Batteries for Low-Powered Devices

Moonnever throws away his AA batteries:

A tip for anyone thinking of tossing or recycling batteries that your whatever gadget says are dead or nearly there.

I have a kitchen drawer with enough AA batteries to keep my wall clock running for who knows how long. One of these supposedly drained batteries kept the clock going for over a year. Not to suggest that the others will hold out as long in a kitchen drawer but it would sure be a waste and a hazard to throw them out.

We've probably shared this tip before, but Moon's method of keeping them in a separate drawer is pretty handy. That way, you always have batteries on hand for something. Photo by GigerPunk.

Zoom to Page Width for Easier Window Management in Word Processors

Audiopocalypse fixes a small annoyance with writing programs:

If you are writing in Microsoft Word and working with multiple windows at once on your screen, go to View > Zoom > Page width, and the Word document's zoom will follow whatever the size of the window is. This makes things way easier when you are trying to resize your window and have to keep finding the right zoom.

I've tested this and it works with LibreOffice as well.


    A joule thief night light is also another way to usefully bleed the power out of 'used' AA batteries.

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