Lifehacker Pack For Firefox 2013: Our List Of The Best Extensions

Lifehacker Pack For Firefox 2013: Our List Of The Best Extensions

Firefox may not be as popular as Google Chrome these days, but it still has one of the best extension libraries around. Here are the essential Firefox extensions you need to bend the web to your will.

The Lifehacker Pack is a yearly snapshot of our favourite, must-have applications for our favourite platforms. This list is the first pack we’ve done for Firefox.

Looking for an extension in a specific category? Use the links below to jump around.


Instapaper, Pocket or Readability

Instapaper, Pocket and Readability

Download page for Instapaper, Pocket or Readability

Add to Wunderlist

making those to-do lists detailed and actionable

Download Page

Better Gmail

Better Gmail was created by Lifehacker’s very own Gina Trapani way back in 2007. While some of its features may not be necessary anymore, it still adds a lot of useful tweaks to your Gmail inbox. You can see more information about attachments in your inbox, hide labels in the message row, play a sound when you receive new mail and more.

Download Page


Download Page

Evernote Web Clipper

one of Evernote’s best uses

Download Page



the only secure password is the one you can’t rememberour guide to LastPassthe alternatives

Download Page

HTTPS Everywhere

simplest ways to secure your web browsingHTTPS Everywhere is simple

Download Page

AdBlock Plus

actuallyYouTube commentsblock malwareFlashblockNoScript

Download Page


Everyone’s trying to track you on the web

Download Page


Greasemonkey and Stylish

fixing YouTube annoyancesimproving the latest iteration of Gmail

Download Page for Greasemonkey and Stylish

DownThemAll and Video DownloadHelper

Download Page for DownThemAll and Video DownloadHelper


Download Page


Coupons at Checkout

Download Page


Download Page

Hola Unblocker

Hola Unblocker fixes the problem

Download Page

Social Fixer

make Facebook infinitely betterobnoxious political poststrack people who unfriend youand plenty more

Download page


  • This is pretty much the exact same list as the chrome one isn’t it? Excluding greasemonkey and stylish (which is available on chrome even), and xmarks and video downloaders which are probably cross browser anyway.

    • And do you know why that is Greywolf ? It’s because they are mostly the best in the authors opinion/user feedback, and most available today are cross-browser extensions. I don’t see the point of your troll. Maybe you are having a bad day, but lets not troll for the sake of it eh 🙂

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