EnhanceMy8 Lets You Tweak And Customise Windows 8

Windows: If you're itching to customise Windows 8 computer, EnhanceMy8 is a tool that will let you tweak the operating system. The app lets you create restore points before you make system changes, quickly change applications that run at startup, and enable or disable WIndows 8-specific settings and features.

Even if you don't get deep into the tweaking tools, the app's main screen shows you lots of valuable information about your PC and its components. Like many system tweaking and maintenance tools, EnhanceMy8 offers a number of built-in tools and quick access to Windows' built-in options that are buried in menus. For example, EnhanceMy8 gives you one-click access to Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter, Security tools and options, and other options buried in the Charms Bar and its menus.

There are two versions of the app — the free version that limits some features and a $US30 Pro version that unlocks everything. Try the free version first to see if you really need the options available in the paid version.

EnhanceMy8 [SeriousBit via Addictive Tips]


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