Do You Make New Year's Resolutions?

If there's one habit we're really good at keeping, it's making New Year's Resolutions — and then breaking them a week later. What about you? Do you make resolutions for the new year?

We've talked about the science behind New Year's resolutions and how it can help you achieve your goals. We've also shown you several ways to better your chances of making successful resolutions, including giving them a 30-day trial, outsourcing them to make them stick, and using a three-step approach to ensure success.

So let us know in the comments: Do you make new year's resolutions?


    Epiphany Resolutions are much, much better. Especially for any lifestyle resolutions that are at odds with New Year's Eve/Day celebrations (e.g. drink less, get up earlier, blah blah). And it's only an extra five days to wait.

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