Turn Leftover Rice Into A Crispy Snack

If you usually have leftover rice you can make a chewy and crispy snack by spreading a 1.2cm layer on a non-stick frying pan brought to medium heat. Cook until the rice browns (around 15 minutes) and then flip it over and cook the other side until it browns (another eight minutes).

This results in a hot snack that is delicious when dipped into your favourite hot sauce or paired with fried eggs. You'll want to stick with short and long grain Asian rices for this tip as longer grains such as basmati aren't sticky enough to hold together.

I'm totally trying this with fried eggs the next time I make a rice dish.

How to Turn Leftover Rice into a Chewy, Crispy Snack [Chow Tips]


    This reminds me of the crust the forms at the bottom of proper persian rice. They use Basmati and cook the rice in things like butter and yoghurt, which really enhance the flavour of the crust.

    The Lahu Hill-tribes on the northern Thailand border do this with their sticky, black rice, and dip into condensed milk. You can do it with normal rice though but it's worth looking out for some sticky (glutinous) rice from a Asian store. Yum!

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