The Cheapest Places To Get Windows 8 [UPDATED]

An upgrade to Windows 8 Pro only costs $39.99 if you download it directly from Microsoft. If you want a boxed copy rather than a hefty download, the official price is $69.99, but shopping around can get you a much better price.

These are the offers we've seen so far.

  • Officeworks appears to have the cheapest deal, charging $48.72 according to catalogue advertising (though its web site lists the software for $68). Harris Technology also has the same price.
  • Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi both offer the upgrade for $58.
  • Big W is charging close to full price at $68, and Dick Smith is going the full $69.99.

All these deals require you to be running Windows XP, Vista or 7 and doing an in-place upgrade. (Pricing for standalone copies in Australia hasn't been officially announced; we'll update when it is.)

Update: Microsoft has confirmed that there's no official pricing for full install copies in Australia. Yes, you read that correctly.

If you spot any other good Windows 8 deals, let us know in the comments. (Remember also if you buy a new PC with Windows 7 on it, you can upgrade to Windows 8 for $14.99.)


    What's the difference between the Pro and Pro Pack?

      If you want windows 8 Only buy pro!!!
      Pro pack is what you buy AFTER you've bought or already own windows 8 it's a "pack" if extra business features/IT etc and media centre. However if you own pro you are eledgible for a free media centre download fron windows

    So if I'm running Win7 but want as clean an install as possible - is it possible to install the upgrade on a new partition and then use my Win7 Serial to validate that I have Win7 (or won't it run at all unless started from inside Windows).

    Or should I install Win7 again on a new partition and then immediately upgrade in place to Win8?

      Can't guarantee it, but something I read a while aho said that during the 'upgrade' it would give you the option of doing a fresh install or just an upgrade. I'll try and dig up the link.

      Here;s a newer link.

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    Same dillema. Very interested to know aswell.
    Also could you use a windows 8 upgrade disc to install bootcamp on a Mac?

    I was just over at Officeworks. That price is box and key ONLY. No physical media included. So you're better off getting if from MS as you're going to be downloading it anyway.

      Gotta say that is entirely incorrect. I just bought three copies and they have 32bit and 64 bit disks inside.

      Yeah you just cannot walk out of the shop with the box. You have to pay and then they will stick the discs in.

    I wonder if you can still do the upgrade trick of.
    Installing Windows 8 as a 30 day trial with out using the key, then
    immediately install Windows 8 upgrade with the key over the top, using the trial install as the proof required for the upgrade.
    I have been using this method of installing for XP, Vista & Win7

      I seriously doubt that will work. I have used all versions of Windows except ME and was never able to do that. Best I could do was install the upgrade as stand alone and tweak the Registry. However I am about to install one of my new copies on Windows 7 Upgrade so I'll let you know what happens.

        I can confirm that it works with Windows 7 and is a well known workaround. I've also heard that it works for Windows 8, but I've yet to try it.

      Ok that was too easy. I just put in a blank HDD and it installed to full version without asking a single question! No sure now why they even call it an upgrade when it installs to full...?

        So you used an upgrade disk to do a clean install on a fresh HDD and it worked fine? i have a few computers that need new HDDs and win8
        Thanks :)

        It may have installed but it likely hasn't been activated. You probably want to check that.

    Is the Windows 8 download shop working for anybody else?

    I have windows 7 ultimate. Will this Windows 8 Pro include all the features in Windows 7 Ultimate, or is it equivalent to Windows 7 Professional?

    I'm getting the coming soon page, not able to buy it :(

      Try using Internet Explorer. I tried using Chrome at first and also got the "Coming soon" page. When using IE, it downloads the Upgrade Assessment program and walks you through the upgrade procedure.

      I only went so far as to see what programs I have that weren't compatible with Windows 8 but I would assume continuing through the process would lead you to the store.

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    Still not upgrading... Windows 98SE forever!!!

    Dick Smith has dropped their price to 57.95 for Windows 8 Pro. Heads up everyone. Just thought youd like to know that

    Microcenter 38.00 for a boxed copy. In store pick up only. I got it today and am using it right now.

    Anyone know if there are multiple licenced copies or do I have to buy a copy for each pc on my home network? Thanks

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