Open A Beer Bottle With A Car Window

If you're out tailgating this weekend and forget to bring your bottle opener, you're in luck: you can easily open your beer bottle with the window of your car.

You can open a beer bottle with just about anything, but this little trick is perfect for when you're out and about and need to get into your beer quickly (say, if you need to drown your sorrows because Ohio State just scored again). Just position it on the lip of the window and start rolling the window up. The top should come right off. Check out the video above to see it in action, and it should go without saying, but...don't drink and drive, folks.

How To: Open A Beer Bottle With A Powered Car Window [YouTube]


    I do hate it when Ohio State score, again - always makes me want to drink & drive.

      I know, right?

    Uhh, now that's just silly, would have laughed my ass off if the thing cracked the window, or even just slipped and scratched it. Not all car windows work or are shaped the same but hey go ahead, just don't cry when it goes pear shaped!

      Yep, pretty dumb. Considering it's gotta be easier and safer just to use the metal part of the seat belt clip... :)

    Hey, this is pretty cool! lets do it again! and again! once mor- *smash tinkle*
    Then you realise what an idiot you are for opening a beer bottle on your car window.

    " your beer bottle with the window of SOMEONE ELSE'S car."

    Fixed that for you.

    And we wonder and complain when our insurance premiums go up and up each year... largely caused by these moronic activities, then claimed as fraudulent "accidents" against insurance... NICE !!!

    Whoops, I thought I was reading Lifehacker Australia.

    Oh hey, I am. What's this about tailgaiting? You mean like... driving close to the person in front?

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