Open A Beer Bottle With An N64 Controller

This is perfect for retro gamers with a need for alcohol: it turns out that you can use an N64 controller to open a beer bottle.

The trick relies on using the memory pack slot to remove the cap, as the clip above demonstrates. For other clever beer-opening tricks, try using a newspaper or a car window.

HOW TO: Open Beer with an N64 Controller - DoTheBeer [YouTube]


    Is this a late April Fool's joke? This is pointless advice.. At the least you have a Cooper's Pale Ale in the graphic..

    it's a twist top!

    The real question is why did he just not twist it off... coopers have always been twist tops

    lol @ comments above!

    Pliers for opening beer also ftw. A lighter in the hand is good to impress people as well ^_^

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