How To Ease Into A Standing Desk Routine

How To Ease Into A Standing Desk Routine

Standing desks are a great way to get off your chair and combat the negative effects of sitting. But it’s not exactly easy to stand all day long. Wirecutter suggests starting small, and working your way up from there.

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Wirecutter’s suggestion is that instead of diving into a standing desk right away, you ease yourself into it over time. Start by just standing more throughout the day: commit to one task daily where you stand (phone calls, email), and stand during breaks and meetings. From there, get yourself a cheap standing desk (you have lots of cheap options), and then commit to standing for one hour a day for the first week. Then gradually increase that over time.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of a standing desk, but don’t want to jump in head first (which also works just fine), Wirecutter’s suggestion is certainly an easier option. In the end it’s all about what works best for you: easing in or quitting sitting cold turkey. Head over to Wirecutter for their full guide to easing into it, including a few more suggestions for desk options once you get to the point where you’re confident in making the change.

How to stand (at your desk) [Wirecutter]


  • Been using a standing desk now for well over a year now maybe even closer to two. I found it really easy from the start to stand for eight to ten hours, however I recommend getting a very comfortable pair of shoes. They need a proper heel and it needs to have a lot of give. Also a simple step in front really helps to give your legs a bit of relief, that and actually moving your hips and bending your legs. After awhile you find yourself moving around subconsciously. There is one big issue though, recently my comfy shoes are showing the stress of constantly standing so I thought I’d get another pair but it’s really hard finding a pair that work the same as the ones I’ve been using… still looking! Oh and the guy in the photo above, I’m assuming it’s the OP, has his monitors too low. You should have them at head height or you will soon get a sore neck from looking down all the time.

  • Damn posted it at the old “cheap options link”

    I want something like the kangaroo pro (got 2x 24″ monitors) but want to spend as little as possible if i was much of a handyman, id build some kind of adjustable system, perhaps with a trolly jack or something but im not.

    Also: Hard to say if the kangaroo will as Timmahh says make the monitors high enough (being that im 180cm).

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