DIY Computer-In-A-Coffee-Table Takes The Living Room To New Levels

If using your laptop on the couch just isn't hardcore enough for you, Redditor hankmarkdukas shows us how to build a flip-top computer built into a coffee table.

Not only does it look awesome, but the coffee table computer brings together two beautiful things: the power of a desktop PC with the comfortability of a gaming console or living room media centre. The mouse and keyboard are wireless, so you can use them from the comfort of the couch, and flip the monitor down when you just want a regular coffee table. Hankmarkdukas even added in a glass window so he could see the computer's insides, but if that isn't your style, you can obviously skip it. Hit the link below to see the full album with step-by-step images of how it was made.

[Build Complete] Custom Coffee Table Computer [Reddit]


    its a great idea till someone spills there coffee

    I would want this to be able to connect to my 48tv, otherwise, what's the point?

    Not sure I'd do this exact thing. But now I'm envisioning a Tron-style display embedded in the table, as well as hooking in to my TV.

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