Hack Your Coffee Table To Add A Lift-Up Top

Hack Your Coffee Table To Add A Lift-Up Top

Lift-top coffee tables offer a convenient work or dining surface in the living room. If you don’t want to buy a new expensive model, you can transform a table you already own.

Instructables user lofgren upgraded his coffee table so the top could be pulled up into a higher table. In addition to creating the cantilever hinges out of wood, he also built in additional storage beneath the tabletop.

To transform your coffee table, you just need some basic carpentry skills and the willingness to take apart this piece of furniture. Check out the complete instructions at the link below:

Coffee table upgrade! [Instructables via Dornob


  • My last comment either got lost between telling me it was waiting for moderation, or it actually got moderated (though can’t imagine why).

    I agree with Rowan that it would be much more difficult to do than it appears. Fiddly to get right. If the height was somehow adjustable (say if you replaced your couch, or wanted to use an office chair) and it also had some kind of tipping function so you could quickly slide papers into a tray beneath I would spend a fair whack of money on something like this. I might even consider switching from using a desktop pc, something I never thought I’d say.

  • Appears to be an ergonomic disaster in waiting. Prolonged use likely to result in a musculoskeletal-skeletal injury. Mainly because hands seem to need to be raised as well as extended forwards from couch position. Or back injury from leaning forwards from depth of the couch. Could be wrong – would be easier to judge if could see in use.

  • Haha. Thanks for reposting my Instructable. Wow, that was a few years ago.
    Nice for an Aus site to notice (I actually live in Australia).

    Really wasn’t that hard. The longest part was sanding and repainting if I recall correctly. Check out my other Instructables for harder projects and more details on this one.

    Flo, the table is on wheels and we pull it up to the couch, allowing us to sit up properly. Ergonomics are one of my concerns (I work in IT) – ignoring the table, I have to point out that *anything* is better than bending your neck down to look at a laptop screen 😉
    Tell you a secret.. It’s not how you sit, it’s how long you sit and what you do otherwise.
    My back has been infinitely better after losing a few kilos, stretching and exercising more often.

    Oh, we also replaced my ugly bachelor couch from the photo last year 🙂

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