Google Wallet Prepaid Cards Being Killed Off

Google's killing off its prepaid card service for Google Wallet, which is especially bad news for Australian users of the service, as it makes it effectively unusable on these shores.

It's worth noting that the service never actually officially launched in Australia; getting it working on an Android phone involved a certain amount of hacking. Google's announced that anyone with existing prepaid card value will have their money refunded. Still, as Luke over at Gizmodo notes, it's a serious blow to the service locally, and makes it more or less inevitable that it'll never actually launch here. Google Cancelling Its Prepaid Card Service Is Bad News For Aussies [Gizmodo Australia]


    "Still, as Luke over at Gizmodo notes, it’s a serious blow to the service locally, and makes it more or less inevitable that it’ll never actually launch here."

    Wow, thats a pretty long bow to draw there. I can't see how one -- the removal Google prepaid card -- has anything to do with the other -- Google wallet coming to Australia. A little bit of research shows that the Google prepaid card is disappearing because it is no longer needed to serve the purpose that it was created for, that being a stop gap for non Citi Bank card holders to use Google wallet. Since these card holders can now add their Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc to their wallet their is no need for them to have a secondary card that they top up with their other cards so that it can act as a proxy. The dropping of the Google Prepaid Card was inevitable once they got most major credit/debt cards working with Google Wallet. It also seems to me that the ability to add any Visa, MasterCard, Amex would be a good thing if you wanted to provide it outside of the US, not saying that it will make an appearance outside of the US any time soon, just saying the "new" set up is probably better globally than a virtual MasterCard issued by a US bank, which is what the Google Prepaid card is.

    Sure you can't perform some work arounds to get the Google Prepaid card in Australia anymore, but that was limited to the initial free $10 anyway, unless you had a US card to recharge it and if you did then this shouldn't worry you at all as you could just add that card. So apart from the free $10 -- hey who doesn't like free money -- it doesn't change that much really.

      I was always weary about the security around emulating an actual card whereas i was more than happy to add money to a prepaid card... i know alot of work has been put into the security of nfc emulation... but when it is on a phone it is not only the nfc technology that can be a vulnerability to your card details being stolen...

        If you wanted the Google prepaid card for peace of mind reasons you could still set something like that up -- assuming it ever makes its way here -- open up a new account that has a compatibe debit card

    Hey if apple can do it with their iTunes gift cards why can't Google? I don't have a credit card so I won't be buying any apps. Shame.

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