Get Temperatures In Celsius On The Outlook 2013 Calendar

The Calendar in Office 2013 handily displays predicted temperatures for each day, but the default is to show Fahrenheit even if your overall region or time zone is set to Australia. Here's how to fix that.

I initially went hunting for the appropriate tweak under Language (thinking that was a likely choice for regional settings), but it's actually under Calendar settings (choose File —> Options —> Calendar). It's good to have the option to switch, but it would be better if the final release of Office 2013 choose the appropriate initial setting based on your language or region, then let you change it if required.


    Definitely should be able to detect it by default, Outlook seemed to know enough to give me Melbourne weather which I assumed it was getting from the weather app in Windows 8 (which I have Melbourne set as a location) but I also have it set to Celsius there.

    Thank you for posting this in such a clear and easy to follow way.

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