Dealhacker: 15% Off Vodafone Recharges At Woolworths

Dealhacker: 15% Off Vodafone Recharges At Woolworths

Useful if you’re a Vodafone prepaid customer: from now until October 2, Woolworths has 15 per cent off Vodafone prepaid recharges. You have to activate the recharge by January, so you could stock up for a couple of months. [Woolworths via OzBargain]


  • I know most people who read this will think I’m a Vodafone employee, or I’m in a miniscule minority, but I’ve only ever had good experiences with VF, both phone and data services. Never had less than 3 bars on my phone, never had a call drop, etc.

    Granted, there are certain times that their net is unusable except for wiki pages, and you only get telstra like speeds in the wee hours, but in terms of prepaid data prices, they are IMO one of the best.

    But definitely avoid Virgin PPMBB

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