CaptureNotes Offers Syncing, Audio Recording And Flagged Notes

iOS: Taking notes on the iPad can be a painful process. CaptureNotes 2 makes it much easier with coloured flags, audio recording, and support for Evernote and Dropbox syncing.

You get complete control over the paper type, font, size and shape of your notes with CaptureNotes. You can also switch between typing and writing, which is handy since one can be faster than the other for specific types of notes. You can highlight your notes with colourful flags, as well as add photos you've taken with your iPad's camera or imported from elsewhere.

The app opens up to your "notebooks", which you can organise by topic, class or whatever else you choose. As you write, you can also record audio at the same time and keep it in time-sync with your written notes. When you're all finished, CaptureNotes can sync your notes to Dropbox or Evernote. The app is 80 per cent off in the iTunes App Store right now, which means you only pay $0.99 — a small price for a powerful note-taking app.

CaptureNotes 2 ($1) [iTunes App Store via MakeTechEasier]


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