Build A Dedicated Pandora Wi-Fi Radio

If Pandora is your internet music service of choice consider building a standalone Wi-Fi radio designed to give you all the functionality of the Pandora webapp in a small tabletop device. You'll need a BeagleBoard development board, a wireless router, an LCD display and some other bits and pieces.

Engineering weblog Engscope developed this project as a way to build skills in Linux and OpenWRT. The author discovered Pianobar, a command line interface client for Pandora, and after a lot of messing around with Ubuntu running on the BeagleBoard and OpenWRT modifications of a wireless router, found a way to merge the systems into a robust Pandora player.

The device displays song titles, navigate playlists, and can skip, approve and ban songs in the same way as the webapp. Hit the link for detailed build instructions.

PandoraBar - Pandora Radio Client [Engscope via Hack-a-Day]


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