Pandora Streaming Music Radio Is Available Once Again In Australia

We're not short of streaming music options in Australia, but here's another: Pandora, the streaming service which specialises in creating playlists based on the "genome" of music you already enjoy, is once again available to Australians after a long period where the site was geo-blocked.

Pandora's emphasis is on streaming radio rather than track selections: you name an artist or genre and it picks other tricks which it thinks match. The basic version is free but includes ads: you can upgrade to an ad-free version with higher-quality audio and a desktop app for $US36 (12 months) or $US3.99 per month.

The market for streaming music is ultra-competitive right now, but Pandora's in-depth knowledge of artists and genres does give it a point of difference (though I suspect people in Australia will confuse it with the bracelet company). If you're a fan, tell us why in the comments.

Pandora [via GadgetGuy]


    Just me? Or is the mobile app not available in Australia? (Android here).

      The apps aren't available locally through the app stores (iPhone or Android), but I can confirm that both the US apps for Android and iOS do work here without a proxy.

      They're currently working on the Australian app. Here's a snippet from the email they sent to existing members...

      This relaunch of Pandora is a beta version of the service. We have some work ahead of us to completely localize it and enable the full breadth of our capabilities to listeners in Australia, including such things as our mobile app for smartphones. So stay tuned.

    I used to use Pandora in the States. It's a great service because it chooses music so well at the fringes of your taste, forcing you to go in musical directions you may never have considered. Great service, even better without the ads.

    Thanks for the heads up! No more proxies! :D

    Um, both of your links go to the bracelet company...

      Yeh - should be .com rather than Is there an AU presence?


    Yeah! I love it because I don't have to use a VPN to access it any more. Really handy for me considering I have a head unit in my car which has full Pandora integration (Alpine CDE-HD137BT - ) - now works much faster - love it !

    and yeah, program isn't available in the Google Play store (for Aus anyway) but easy enough to side-load it onto an Android phone..

    Great post. Looking forward to playing with it later on when I have a decent internet cxn available.

    Lifehacker ppl; you need to review the link - it seems that Pandora bracelets own's the URL - it works fine if you use the normal URL

    You just made my day. I've been waiting for Pandora to come back for years! I just logged in and, surprise surprise, all my old stations from 5+ years ago are still there! Only problem is I don't have the iPhone app anymore. I got it a couple of years ago using my US iTunes account, but it didn't work at the time because it was geo-blocked. I never deleted it from my Mac, but I just ran a search for it and it's not in my library anymore. I definitely didn't delete it, because I put it back on my iPhone every so often to see if the geo-block has been lifted. I'm wondering did Apple remove all my US iTunes apps when I signed up for iTunes match??? Has anyone else had a similar experience? Very weird, and very very disappointing! Glad I can listen online again though.

    Is the catalogue they're allowed to play in Australia deep enough to support real artist and genre channels?

    Yay, finally after losing Pandora back about 6 years ago or so (so long I forget exactly when I lost it) due to region-sillyness I can back in to my channels. The Android app was easy to sideload, sent an email asking for a link to the Australia iPhone client (I have one iPhone and 2 Android tablets). Also got it working perfectly on my Boxee Box.

    My old stations are still there!!

    Pandora and Spotify are the ones that let you listen for free (with ads) so will 'win'. People will listen for a long time then start subscribing. The others will wonder why no one is signing up.

    I typed in life house and sure they were only the big label artists but I loved all of their suggestions. Tis a great service

    thank god i don't have to use a VPN anymore... so annoying... especially when you have an old iphone with no multitasking!

    Ok, so how do we get the AU iOS app now?

      It's coming. They're currently working on it, as stated in an email they sent to existing members.

        it's rather ridiculous given that the existing app already works in Australia.

          Still waiting for the AUS app version and it is now October, loving it on my desktop and would be tempted to give them money if I could have an AUS app. Can't be bothered working around with a US itunes acct, too much fiddling about; I like things simple if it all possible.

          Currently trialling some of the competitions offering as it's not easy to use theirs as yet on my iDevices.

            With the official launch, the app is now available in the Australian store......

              Apparently I can't create an account because I don't have a US zip code!? Know how to fix that?

    The pandora app is available for iOS from US app store. Every lifehacker reader should have a US account in conjuction with AUS. It works painlessly. I can now stream from my pandora iphone app without a VPN or :D!!!!

    I tried to buy a year subscription but wasn't able to , as I was asked to provide a us zip code... So currently I cant buy pandora one, wh its better quality audio in Australia? is this true?

      BrashesVoucher. The AU credit I use does not match the US Zip code. I suspect you could probably enter any US zip code. Give it a shot.

      From FAQs: "Pandora on the Web plays 64k AAC+ for free listeners and 192k for Pandora One subscribers. All in-home devices play 128k audio, and mobile devices receive a variety of different rates depending on the capability of the device and the network they are on, but never more than 64k AAC+."

    It is BRILLIANT. I've used it since my iPhone 3GS was the lastest and greatest. Get it via a US iTunes store account (free. just google a swanky hotel in MIAMI or Sunset Boulevard and use that address while logged on with HotSPotShield VPN as that gives you a US IP address. Create a new account with a spare eMail not used for your Australian iTunes account; no credit card needed). Download it & you have a world of great free music. Choose an artist or band that you like and it creates a radio station based on their music and similar music if you choose. Once you have a few of your best in, choose a 'Quick Mix'. AWESOME!!!!! :-)

      How did you manage to create a US account without some form of US billing address?

    I'm really confused. I go to the link and it says not available in Australia! How can I b the only one to nor get access? Am I missing something?

    Hey guys I live in Australia. Iv download the app, try to sign up and it keeps asking me for a valid U.S zip code. I don't know what I should enter?

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