Use A Game Boy As A Raspberry Pi Case

There's no shortage of creative enclosures for your Raspberry Pi. We've seen the tiny Linux computer stuffed inside of a coffee table, a keyboard and now, an original Game Boy!

Hack A Day highlights Matt's clever casework. He was able to keep the USB and HDMI ports accessible, incorporate the classic red power LED, and even hack together a power switch for the device. Unfortunately, the screen isn't functional, but it's still a great use for a broken old gadget (though don't break one just to use it as a case!).

Want to get started started with your own Raspberry Pi? Check out our beginner's guide to the $US35 computer, build your first simple case out of cardboard, and then check out the rest of our posts for tons of great ideas.

Raspberry Pi is right at home inside of a Game Boy [Hack A Day]


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