Tape Batteries To Gadgets For No-Hassle Replacement

It's annoying when a gadget runs out of batteries and you have to run around the house looking for replacements. If it's a device that doesn't really go anywhere, such as an alarm clock, how-to illustrator Yumi Sakugawa suggests taping replacement batteries to it.

This won't work with every gadget you own, but it's really helpful for those gadgets that aren't portable and stop working when you least expect it.

10 Fabulously Practical Uses for Scotch Tape [Secret Tips from the Yumiverse]


    Same reason I tape a fresh pair of underpants to my jeans....

    You know, you can always just keep your spare batteries in the third drawer down, like most people.

    This would be handy for the oddball type batteries, but for your standard batteries (AA, AAA) recharged Sanyo Eneloops in a container next to the charger is the only way to go. I'm still using 4 AA's I purchased 4 years ago. Best rechargeable batteries ever.

    This has to be the most impractical and annoying tip I've heard on lifehacker. Who wants to change channels with a remote with a bulbous package taped to the bottom, which after a month becomes a goopy gunky adhesive mess because of the amount of touch-time it receives.Batteries have a shelf life and can leak if not used before expiry. I think Jackson Bison's example above illustrates it perfectly

    Serious this is a tip, here's my tip... put the spare batteries you have in a little box in a place you always leave it and you won't be running around the house looking for spares batteries...

    what is next , keeping someone in the car every time you drive just in case you go to the pub and have too many so they become the designated driver... really guys!!!

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