Google Calendar Colours Can Be Customised

Google Calendar has included the ability to add colours to particular events and change your overall colour scheme since May last year, but you were stuck with Google's selection. If you have a particular colour vision in mind, you can now customise the colours yourself.

To change the background colour, hover over the name of the calendar in the left sidebar, click on the downward-pointing arrow, then click 'choose custom colour' in the menu that appears. You can change the background colour to anything you like, but text can only be 'light' or 'dark'. Google's blog post announcing the change also suggests that you can customise individual event colours, but I couldn't access that option on my calendar.

[via Google Operating System]


    I still just want to be able to change the overall theme to match my chosen GMail Theme. Going from a dark red background in GMail to a pure white in the Calendar is jarring to say the least... Also, with up to three GMail accounts open in my browser at any one time, it becomes very hard to distinguish between calendars...

    (Semi related) Dear Googs: Your stupid olympic game hurlde game is crashing firefox. As Googs is most people's homepage, it sux very hard. Fix it.

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