Top 10 Pointless Single-Purpose Appliances That Are Cluttering Your Kitchen

From hot dog cookers to doughnut makers, we’re easily talked into buying kitchen appliances that perform just one task, or grabbing a novelty gadget for someone else as a gift. Chances are they’ll be wasting space in cupboards before the month is out. Here are 10 of the worst offenders, and what you should be using instead.

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I was inspired to post on this topic by this weekend’s ALDI special offers, which include several examples of pointless kitchen clutter. Wasted space is the most obvious reason for not buying appliances you don’t need, but there’s also an environmental element: why buy something to perform a task you can already do with your existing kitchen equipment? Note: the word ‘maker’ is often a dead giveaway that the product isn’t actually needed, as is anything for a specialised food item you won’t eat every day.



Clutter: Pizza Maker

Better: Oven. (If you want a crisper crust, get a pizza stone.)

Clutter: Hot Dog Maker

Better: Saucepan/Kettle


Clutter: Baby Food Maker


Better: Food Processor/Saucepan


Clutter: Popcorn Maker


Better: Saucepan/Microwave


Clutter: Potato Masher


Better: Fork


Clutter: Egg Cooker


Better: Saucepan/Microwave


Clutter: Crepe Maker


Better: Frypan


Clutter: Burger Cooker


Better: Oven/Grill


Clutter: Cupcake Maker


Better: Oven (plus cupcake moulds)


Clutter: Fairy Floss Maker


Better: Just don’t eat pure sugar. Your teeth will thank you.

Got a single-use appliance you can’t live without and want to defend? Know other examples we’ve missed? Tell us in the comments.

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