Virgin Mobile Cuts Back To Five Plans

Apparently, cutting back to just nine contract plans last July wasn't enough for Virgin Mobile. The Optus-owned MVNO has trimmed back its range to incorporate just five of its existing plans.

Virgin Mobile now offers a choice of five options:

  • $29 a month: $450 of call credits and 250MB of data.
  • $39 a month: $650 of call credits and 500MB of data.
  • $$49 a month: $400 of call credits, unlimited Australian texts and 2GB of data.
  • $59 a month: $700 of call credits, unlimited Australian texts and 3GB of data.
  • $89 a month: unlimited Australian calls and texts and 4GB of data.

Calls costs 99 cents per minute and 40 cents flagall on all those plans (save the $89 option), and texts cost 28 cents each on the $29 and $39 plans. Those prices apply if you're also buying a subsidised handset (which may attract additional charges, especially on the cheaper plans). If you bring your own handset, you can knock $10 off the quoted price. All plans require a 24-month contract.

The options apply only to new signups: existing Virgin Mobile customers have to wait out their contract before changing. (The $29 and $39 plans are currently offering an extra 2GB of data, but that expires July 31.)

Virgin also confirmed that it will be offering 4G services through Optus when those launch later this year; right now Optus 4G remains in test mode. One other random Virgin fact: the company is now only selling smartphones on contract, having dumped every last dumbphone from its range. Should be more of it.

Virgin Mobile


    Good Development

    I hope we'll see plan comparison tables that treat these plans the same way Telstra's BYO plans are treated when comparing the cost of new phones...

    "All plans require a 24-month contract". Only when you get a phone, BYO plans are on a month to month contract.

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