Optus Rounds Up Mobile Contract Plans By A Dollar

Optus has rounded up the pricing on its contract mobile phone plans, shifting from prices ending in a nine to "rounder" numbers: $35, $50, $55 and $80.

Optus has also made some minor tweaks to plan inclusions; the $35 option now includes unlimited text, for instance. The changes only apply to new customers — existing contract customers will remain on their plans for the length of their contract (and beyond, unless they sign a new contract). They also only apply to contract plans that include a phone; Optus' BYO contract plans continue to be priced at $14, $19, $34 and $69.

One interesting statistic I gathered while checking with Optus about the changes: apparently 25 per cent of internet access by customers is to the social networking services (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, eBay and MySpace) which aren't counted against data inclusions.


    Also might help to include Business customers as not getting the new pricing scheme.

      ? Yes they are...your misinformed

        I went into an Optus store and they told me otherwise.

          Business customers are definitely getting the new pricing.

    eBay is a social network now?

    Business Customers are getting the new pricing scheme.

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