This Whiteboard Desk Makes For Quick Notes And Brainstorming

If you don't have space near your desk to hang a whiteboard, why not turn your entire desk surface into one? Frank Denneman did, and the results are impressive. Best of all, he didn't have to do a lot of work — all he needed was the right table-top and legs for the desk and he was all done.

Frank's whiteboard desk is essentially a cut-to-order IKEA Personlig table or countertop with stainless steel trim. You can walk into the kitchen department of your closest IKEA and ask for it in almost any finish, thickness and size, so it gave him the opportunity to get a desk that was the perfect size for him, and the perfect thickness to support his computers and peripherals. He added a glass table top to his order and supports the whole thing on a pair of Vika Moliden legs.

The end result is a desk that looks great from any angle, and a glass surface that he can grab a dry erase marker and write on, anywhere, anytime. Of course, it helps that Frank's desk surface is generally pretty clean and his peripherals don't take up much space. If you decide to do the same thing, just make sure you don't smudge your to-do list the next time you reach for your coffee. Check out more beautiful shots of the whiteboard desk at the link below.

Whiteboard Desk [ via IKEA Hackers]


    I get the feeling I would end up with very dirty forearms if I had a whiteboard desk.

    That's a neat workspace. But how does he use the PC on the right? Awkward lean?

    A clean tidy workspace is the sign of a truly sick mind.

    ...i'm surprised the shoes aren't cased in amber.

    Last edited 26/10/12 3:45 pm

    sweet collection of Jordans in the left upper corner...

    My notes wouldn't last long, you'd just end up with whiteboard marker all over anything you put on your desk.

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