Build Your Own Dashboard iPod Controller

Build Your Own Dashboard iPod Controller

A lot of newer cars feature slick iPhone integration where you can control your music with just your built-in stereo, but older stereo systems don’t have that same level of support. Instructables user cmonaco3 built his own controller that mounts straight onto the car’s window.

Cmonaco3’s project is a bit complicated, but the end result is a small remote control that displays track information and lets you skip through tracks. The build uses an Arduino, an LCD and a bunch of different connectors. It’s a well-made little box, and Cmonoco’s guide comes with everything you need to know. Head over to Instructables for the full guide.

If you’re looking for a budget solution, don’t forget you can always just mount your iPhone with office supplies. (But be cautious using it as a GPS; that’s not legal in all Australian states if you don’t have a commercial mount.)

iPod Information Screen [Instructables]


  • I purchased a GROM car stereo adapter a few months ago. It’s pretty awesome, the best thing about it is that it works with the existing factory steering wheel controls.

    It plugs in to your existing car stereo (mine is a stock 2007 Toyota Camry) through the CD changer adapter, and it emulates a cd changer (my stereo supports up to a 99 cd changer).

    It has 3 different outputs, USB, iPod/iPhone & Bluetooth.

    Installation was pretty simple, I’ve run the cables in to the centre console.

    I find myself mainly using the USB functionality. Basically you just load up a usb stick with your mp3’s (you have to follow their naming/numbering/foldering structure), and it work s really great.

    If I remember correctly you can have up 99 tracks in 99 folders (9801 mp3’s total), the biggest usb stick I’ve tried in it was a 32gb, it resumes/remembers where you were on a song when you turn off your car.

    I’ve only used the iPod/iPhone functionality a bit, but it worked well with my 3GS & 4S, it charges & plays, steering wheel controls control the iPod/iPhone.

    I didn’t get the Bluetooth adapter for it, so I can’t give much word on that.

    The only gripes I have is that it seems like if you have your iPhone plugged in it causes interference when you’re listening to mp3’s through the USB, but that might have been because of my old 3GS.

    And the company I purchased it from (Cushie Audio) sold my e-mail address to spammers.

    Being able to use the steering wheel controls is awesome, being able to load up (and easily swap out) a bunch of mp3’s on a stick drive is awesome, having an iPhone charger/adapter (way better than FM adapter) is awesome. The performance of the unit itself is very good.

    I know this reads like a review, but if I ever change cars I’m definitely getting another one.

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