Use Vinegar When Mopping For Fast-Drying, Streak-Free Floors

Before you spend all day mopping your floors with soapy water only to track back over them before they're dry, add a little glass cleaner or vinegar to your bucket of water. It will promote faster drying and leave your floors ready to walk on sooner than if you had used soap and water alone.

Photo by Dave Crosby.

This tip comes to us from Redditor maruluna, although it may be a pretty old idea for those of us who mop on a regular basis. Vinegar is a good option because it also evaporates quickly, and its cleaning power is well documented. Still, whatever you do, make sure you don't drown your wood or laminate floors with solution when you clean them — too much liquid and you'll do more harm than good. Have you tried this before or have a different method to get the floors dry quickly? Let us know in the comments.

LPT: Glass cleaner in mop water with floor cleaner prevents footprints and accelerates drying. [Reddit]


    1. Open all windows and doors.
    2. vaccum hard floor with vaccum (gets dust off faster than sweeping and picks up lots of not quite needing a mop stuff)
    3. fill mop bucket with hot water and about two cups of vinegar and a cap of dettol (i have a crawler kid atm)
    5. toss the kids outside.
    6. Mop with gay abandon!

    1. Mop
    2. Place old towel on ground, place feet on towel and shuffle around drying the floor
    3. There is no step 3

    Methylated spirits (which is usually ethanol) works well too. Dries quickly and is streak free.

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