Lockable Ethernet Cables Stop Thieves (Until They Buy The Key)

We're not yet in a Wi-Fi only world, and network cables do have a habit of going missing around the office. So from that point of view we quite like the idea of lockable Ethernet cables, which you can't remove without the custom key.

At $8.75 for a five metre cord, these aren't the cheapest-ever cable we've seen, but you can easily pay more for a standard cable if you don't shop around. Our one concern? It's a universal key design, and the key is only 66 cents — so nefarious types might not have to work too hard. Still, for venues such as conference centres where cables are easily grabbed, these could make sense.



    So let me get this right, the cable is locked in by holding the clip in place so you cant depress it.

    Given my experience getting network cables out of sockets in hard to reach places using a small flat head screw driver between the clip and socket I am not sure I have much faith in these actually locking anything in anywhere.

    Not to mention a decent pair of scissors would make short work of the cable...

      or just a quick tug

    If you actually want something that is secure from general office people, then buy a small 5 pack of padlocks from Officeworks or Bunnings for around $15. Then you put three or four of the cables at the back of the computer through a padlock. The end of the cable can't get through the padlock, but you can still unplug them if you need to. That means that your monitor cable, power cable, mouse cable, keyboard cable are also secure. Nobody can borrow your wired keyboard any more.

    If you add in a kensington cable lock, then you've got a wire cable to lock it to as well.

    It is easy to unlock and move if you want, it is compatible with a wide range of cables and it is secure unless they're going to use small bolt cutters (and then you've really got bigger problems).

    At work, most of our meeting rooms have phones where IT have purposely broken the end of the clip, so it can't be removed without a bit of work. Otherwise, you would never be able to find a working IP phone in a meeting room.

    People stealing network cables in the office is a sign of an artificial scarcity. We've got boxes of network and power cables just sitting in a cabinet waiting to be used.

      We have the same at out work. They occasionally break so we have plenty of spares.

    When i was in uni they just hot glue the cable to the RJ-45 port

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