Laptop Stolen At Airport Security Screening Tracked On Camera And Returned

When you send your laptop through an airport security screening point, there's always a nervous moment when you worry someone else is going to take off with your precious machine (either inadvertently or maliciously). But if that happens, there won't always be an unhappy ending.

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The blog for the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently featured a cheering tale of what happened to one traveller whose laptop went missing at the screening gate:

After reporting her laptop missing, TSA at Tampa (TPA) reviewed the checkpoint video footage and observed a passenger taking the laptop and placing it in their bag. Thanks to the footage, a description was provided and the thief’s flight was met at LaGuardia by NY Port Authority Police and TSA. The passenger confessed and the laptop was eventually returned to its rightful owner.

I'm not sure how easily this could be reproduced in Australia, but it would definitely seem worth asking if security footage existed if it happened to you. Anyone have a similar tale of laptop recovery to share? Let's hear it in the comments

The TSA Week In Review [The TSA Blog]


    "But if that happens, there won’t always be an unhappy ending"

    Seriously with the amount of bullshit security measures we have to go through for just a regular domestic flight there should never ever be an unhappy ending, never mind an international flight, with all the security they make passengers go through there better be a high tech system behind the scenes capable of tracking a single person, for terrorists or whatever, that can easily be used to track down a thief and im talking australia, 'merica is a whole other ball game

    To USA in 90s - turn laptops on - hand to security before trolley through scanner - other side securing trolley and there is security arms akimbo with open laptops giving to whoever asked.
    last year with netbook at least no one wanted to check it - just through scanner so able to keep eye on the basket.

    Surely when with laptop first scanner and then a special counter for laptop check.
    Just stop the chaos.

      Word your sentences better. It barely makes sense. You're being too fancy.

      ummm.... what? could be in the running for the most helpful post :)

    A friend of mine had her iPhone stolen whilst going through security at Perth domestic airport. She reported it to AFP who reviewed the security footage and identified that the thief later boarded a flight to Adelaide. Unfortunately in this case the AFP could not be bothered to liaise with the airline to obtain the thief's details to ensure that there would be someone waiting to greet them a their destination.

    A message to all criminals out there - the x-ray scanners at Australia's airports are fair game for theft given the AFP are too lazy to follow it up.

    Yeah the security footage should be there for every centimetre of almost every airport (especially an international one). The question is, can anyone be bothered doing anything with that footage.

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