Get Ready To Stop Fumbling With Liquids And Laptops At Airport Security

Do you hate the whole airport security dance of getting your liquids and aerosols out of your bag, making sure you have them all in their little plastic pocket, trying to pull your giant laptop out of its protective pocket or tossing up whether the security staff are going to count your 2-in-1 as a laptop or a tablet? Well there’s good news: the days of annoying security screening requirements may soon be over.

New technology is being tested at Melbourne Airport that would allow bags to be screened without liquids, aerosols and laptops being taken out of larger bags. While existing security scan technology scans bags in 2D, the new machines from Smiths Detection being tested in Victoria take a CT scan in 3D, allowing items inside to be inspected in more detail.

The trial aims to streamline the sometimes excruciating security screening process at airports, with other technology including an automatic tray handling system aiming to make the process even more efficient – by some estimates, security lines could move up to twice as fast.

“Thanks to the pilot program we are able to better understand how in the future passengers can pass through security screening without having to divest their items, which simplifies the start of the traveller journey right from the outset,” said Melbourne Airport Chief of Aviation Simon Gandy. “As Australia’s busiest 24/7 airport we will continue to find ways to implement new technology and upgrades that will improve the traveller experience from the road to the runway.”

Launched this week at Melbourne’s Terminal 4, which hosts flights from Tiger, Jetstar and REX, the trial doesn’t have a specific end date, but the technology is expected to be rolled out more broadly in the next two years.

In the meantime, if you want to experience the future of air travel security screenings now, you’ll just have to make your way down to Melbourne’s Terminal 4.


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